Almond Board of California's "Good Neighbor" program

Are you tired of seeing the California Almond industry presented in a bad light in the media? Do you want to help inform the public about the many positive contributions of California almond growers to the state's economy and environment? If your answer is Yes, then please consider participating in the Almond Board of California's "Good Neighbor" community outreach program.

What is the "Good Neighbor" program?

This proactive media outreach program provides media training to almond growers on important production and environmental issues, allowing them to engage with local media on a wide range of timely topics. This outreach effort will match up growers in the community with smaller, local media outlets so we can educate our friends and neighbors about the many environmentally friendly steps almond growers are taking to produce a sustainable food product. The "Good Neighbor" program's objective is to  maintain the trust and goodwill of our neighbors by sharing almond growers’ positive environmental stewardship efforts and economic contributions, while correcting misinformation about almond growing practices

Media training sessions are being held throughout the almond growing region. At these sessions, participants will learn about the educational material the Almond Board has prepared, based on grower funded research, on timely topics such as water use, water quality, pesticide use, harvest dust and bees. Once participants are trained as spokespersons, the Almond Board will "pitch"  individual stories to local media outlets and then work as a liaison with the grower and the media to develop the story. "Good Neighbor" spokespersons will have full access to the Almond Board's vast resources on a wide variety of topics so that they will be fully prepared for the interview.

The Good Neighbor program launched in May 2014 in the Central Region and has enjoyed great success. Here are links to articles that were published as a result of the Good Neighbor program:

·         Modesto Bee

·         Newman West Side Index

·         Turlock Journal

·         Ripon Record

·         Merced County Times


We Need Your Involvement

Your participation is critical to the long-term efforts to inform the public about the almond industry’s positive contribution to the economy and the environment. If you would like to become involved in this proactive media relations and community outreach effort, please contact either communications consultant Mark Looker at (209) 604-9709 or the Almond Board's Jenny Nicolau, Senior Specialist, Industry Relations at (209) 343-3248 or email