How To Incorporate Web Video into Your PR Campaign


Presented by Mark Looker, Looker Communications Consulting


Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 Central Valley Public Relations Organization (CVPRO)


A few simple tips:


·        Budget. Rule of thumb is $1,000 per one minute of finished video.

·        Creative Comes First! Think about “Why” your organization wants to produce a web video. What results do you want to achieve?

·        Know Your Audience. Craft your message to that audience.

·        Think about the images you want to capture and the message those images will project.

·        Script writing is very different from press release writing—fewer, simpler words needed.

·        Short is good - -videos more than five minutes in length will not be as well watched.

·        Pick a production company that makes the effort to understand your needs.

·        Local is good—Modesto area has a lot of good video production companies.

·        Consider the location for the film shooting –get outdoors if you can.

·        Who will speak for your organization? The one with the biggest title may not be the best spokesperson on camera.

·        Post production.  Be hands-on.  Ask a lot of questions no matter how dumb! Insist on quality

·        Distribution. Don’t just post it to your website. Send out link via email to supporters and media. Use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace to aggressively push out your video.

·        Self-promote. Send out press release announcing your video with embedded link; write an article for your newsletter.

·        Analyze results.  Did you achieve the results you wanted?  You can quantify through “hits” but it’s also very subjective.


Examples of web videos produced for my clients:


* A basic "Who We Are" video  for the California Poultry Federation. (5:31) (Barbosa Video)


* A promotional video for WUD annual convention  (3:22)  (Alexandria Perrin post production. Shot with Panasonic DVC-30 digital camera by Mark Looker)

* A Video News release prepared for Western United Dairymen as it promoted the first biogas milk tanker truck in the U.S. (4:16) (Alexandria Perrin)


* Wired Magazine coverage

* A video report on an Almond Environmental Stewardship tour held every Spring for regulators and news media - - 2008 (Approx 6 minutes) (Cornerstone Studios)


* 2009 Almond Tour video   (Alexandria Perrin)  (Approx 4 minutes)

* Personal profiles of dairy producers as part of Western United Dairymen's ongoing effort to put a "face" on dairy producers. (Alexandria Perrin) (6:50)


* California Milk Advisory Board videos


* Dairy Goddess Video blog


* Modesto Rotary Club Membership Drive (5:36 )(Never Boring Films) 


* Doctors Medical Foundation promo video (:50)(Never Boring Films)


* Funny local political commercial (:50)(Alexandria Perrin)




Web Video Production Companies Resource Guide










Never Boring Design

Grant Boring

(209) 526-9136


Alexandria Perrin

Roberto Chiesa

(209) 571-2306


Barbosa Video Services

Gordon Barbosa

(209) 324-5327


Cornerstone Studios

Sean A. Stencil 

2842 Iowa Avenue, Modesto, CA  95358  

(209) 521-9389 


Final Cut Media

Sam Kneiss

(209) 480-9092


Modesto Junior College Plankwalker Studios

Carol Lancaster Mingus , MJC TV & Film Dept. Instructor

(209) 576-6078



Orbit Productions
Kevin Aguirre

(209) 529-4835