"The Art of Robert Reynolds: Quiet Journey"

Two retired Cal Poly professors, both recognized as masters in their fields, have teamed up to produce a book full of art depicting some of the most beautiful regions of California.

Art Professor Emeritus Robert Reynolds and Journalism Professor Emeritus Jim Hayes collaborated for “The Art of Robert Reynolds: Quiet Journey,” a 176-page hardbound book now available at online through Cal Poly’s El Corral Bookstore at www.elcorralbookstore.com/books. The book is also a benefit project for the Cal Poly Alumni Association. Copies are available by order online, and on sale at El Corral and at Cal Poly Downtown, and by phone at (805) 756-1161. “Quiet Journey” showcases 178 of Reynolds’ paintings of scenes from Central Coast and the California Sierras, alongside written musings by both Hayes and Reynolds.

Help us market this book!

A band of Cal Poly Journalism alumni have come together to voluntarily help market this book. Proceeds will benefit Cal Poly.

This ad hoc effort is being coordinated by Mark Looker (1976) and Ellen Pensky (1975) with the full blessings and wise guidance of Jim Hayes.

Here are the basic facts:

Why should we give a damn about this book?

Because Jim Hayes helped produce a pretty nice book and he's a pretty nice guy -- even if he did put "See Me" red marks all over your basic news writing copy!  And Bob Reynolds is a great artist whose work captures what we love best -- the beautiful scenes of the Central Coast.


Where will the money raised go?

Funds will support Cal Poly activities, through the Alumni Association.


Front, from left, Bob Reynolds and Jim Hayes. Back, from left, Kim Gannon, director of Alumni Relations, Ellen Pensky, Mark Looker.





Marketing Ideas

Here are the ideas we have so far--email Mark Looker and add your ideas:

Who the heck are you people?

The Cal Poly Guerilla "Quiet Journey" Marketing Team includes:

What else can we do to help?

Forward this page to other friends or alumni and ask them to either buy the book or contribute their marketing ideas. Copy this url and paste into an email message today!


This is truly a grassroots effort and its success depends on you.